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The Southern Presbyterian Review:

[Gaston - Kirkwood]
[June, 1847 - October, 1885]
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Author Titles
Gaston, James McFadden, M.D. [1824-1903] Action and Reaction of Mind and Body, as affecting Insanity
The Influence of Stimulants on Manifestation of Mind
Vital Force
Gibert, Rev. James Finley [1808-1883] 4Election, 31.1 (January 1880) 63-70.
Gildersleeve, Rev. Benjamin [1791-1875]  Canonicity and Inspiration of the Sacred Scriptures
 Historical Christianity
Gilland, Rev. James Ruet [1810-1903]  No Priest but Christ
 The Consolations of Survivors in the Death of the Pious
Girardeau, Rev. John Lafayette
 The Freedom of the Will in its Theological Relations, Part I
 The Freedom of the Will in its Theological Relations, Part II
 The Freedom of the Will in its Theological Relations, Part III
 The Freedom of the Will in its Theological Relations, Part IV
 The Freedom of the Will in its Theological Relations, Part V
The Freedom of the Will in its Theological Relations, Part VI
The Importance of the Office of Deacon
 The Philanthropic Argument for Foreign Missions
 The Suffering Seaboard of South Carolina
 The Support of Superannuated Ministers, and the Indigent Families of Deceased Ministers
Theology as a Science, Involving an Infinite Element [inaugural address] - Note: Link is to the 2d edition of this Address.
 Ministerial Consecration and Ministerial Support
Our Ecclesiastical Relations to Freedmen
The Diaconate, Part I
 The Diaconate, Part II
 The Diaconate, Part III
 The Diaconate Again, Part I
 The Diaconate Again, Part II
Gladney, Rev. Richard S.
 Moral Philosophy
 Natural Science and Revealed Religion
 The Revision Movement
Gladstone, William Ewart
 The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance
Glass, Rev. Harvey [1843-1921]  The "Higher Life" Delusion
Gloag, Rev. Paton J. [1823-1906]  Ferdinand Christian Baur
Gordon, Rev. Edward Clifford [1811-1887]  Gambling
 The Divorce of Education and Religion
 The Gospel and the Reign of Law
 The Second Coming of Christ
Goulding, Rev. Francis Robert. [1810-1881]  The Resurrection-Body, 13.3 (October 1860) 479-502.
Graham, Rev. S.L., D.D.  Romans, 9th Chapter, I - V Verses
 Graham, William Calvin and Calvinism
Grasty, Rev. John Sharshall [1825-1883]  Common Sense Argument
 Popular Revivals
 Retribution; or, Sin Must Be Punished
 The Great Commission
 What is Truth?
Green, Rev. L.W., D.D.  The Harmony of Revelation, and Natural Science, with Special Reference to Geology, Part I
 The Harmony of Revelation, and Natural Science,.., Part II
 The Harmony of Revelation, and Natural Science..., Part III
Gregg, G.C.  Our Domestic Missions-The True Theory of Their Conduct and Management
Grier, Matthew B.  The Positive Philosophy of August Comte
Gutzlaff, Ch.  Letter from Gutzlaff
Hall, Rev. William T.
 The Conditions of Success in Study
Hamilton, W.T.  The Character of Moses

Hamlin, Rev. Cyrus, D.D.
 The Maine Law
 The Maine Law at Present in Maine and Vermont
Hansen, Rev. Maurice G.  The Founder of Congregationalism
Hawes, Rev. Herbert Henry [1834-1906]  The Evangelist and Church Work
 Why Was Jesus Baptized?
Hemphill, Rev. Charles Robert
 Christ's Testimony to Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch
Hill, D.H.  The Bible
 Religion and Mathematics
 Romanism at Home
Hillhouse, Rev. Joseph Bienaime  Principles of Church Government
Hooper, Rev. Thomas Williamson [1832-1915]  Paul a Presbyterian
Hopkins, Rev. Abner Crump [1835-1911] 4Our Foreign Missionary Policy
Houston, Rev. Matthew Hale
 Co-operation in the Foreign Mission Field
 The Dealings of Christ with the Chinese Nation
Howard, T.C., Esq.  Responsibility for Adam's Sin
Howe, Rev. George
[1802 - 1883]
 The Early Presbyterian Immigration into South Carolina
• The General Assembly of 1858
 The Genuineness of the Pentateuch
 The Mark of Cain and the Curse of Ham
 The Protestant Church of France and the Pastors of the Desert
 The Scotch-Irish, and their First Settlements on Tyger River
 The Secondary and Collateral Influences of the Sacred Scriptures
 The Raid of John Brown and the Progress of Abolition
 The Unity of the Race
 Alexander's Isaiah
 Bunsen on the Bible
 Delitzsch on Genesis
 Early History of Presbyterianism in South Carolina
 Ethnography and the Origin of Languages
 Jean Calas, the Martyr of Toulouse
 Jones's History of the Church
 The Baptism of Servants
Howison, Rev. Robert Reid [1820-1906]  The New Testament Plan of Educating Candidates for the Christian Ministry
Hoyt, Rev. Henry Francis [1833-1912]  The Middle Advent
Hoyt, Rev. Nathan [1793-1866]  The Abrahamic Covenant
Hoyt, Thomas Alexander
 The Astronomical Argument Against Christianity
 The Supernatural in the Scriptures
Humphreys, M.W.  The Problem of Human Life Here and Hereafter
Humphries, Rev. C.W.  Marriage Between Near of Kin, 35.2 (April 1884) 315-339.
Hunter, Rev. John Garniss [1840-1920]  Compulsory Education, 25.2 (April 1874) 186-194.
Hutson, Col. W.F.  A Plea for Amusements
 Fictitious Literature: Tancred, by D'Israeli
 History of the Girondists
Inglis, James  Righteousness, New Nature, and Faith
Irwin, Rev. David Cramer [1825-1897]  "The New Testament Plan of Educating Candidates for the Christian Ministry" Re-examined
Jacobs, Rev. Ferdinand, D.D. [1808-1894]  Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister
Jamison, Gen. V.D.V.  Paul's Rebuke of Ananias
Johnson, Hon. Herschel V. [Governor of Georgia]  Eloquence
Johnston, T.T. [Theological Seminary, Columbia, SC]  The Paulicians
Jones, Rev. Alfred [1844-1917]  Davidson's Hebrew Grammar
Jones, S.J.  Educational Policy of South Carolina
Jordan, Rev. Donald E. [1831-1902]  The Report of the Last Assembly on the Office of Evangelist
Kendrick, J.R.  The Life and Correspondence of John Foster
Ker, Leander  Truth
Ketchum, Rev. R.C. [1813-1876]  Form of Government of the Apostolic Church
 The Relations of Language
Kirkpatrick, Rev. John Lycan [1813-1885]  The Waldenses and Infant Baptism
Kirkwood, Daniel  The Lunar World
 The Telluric Portion of "The Cosmos,"

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