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Published from June of 1847 through October of 1885, the Southern Presbyterian Review remains a significant publication for the study of the history, doctrine and polity of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S., a denomination more commonly known as the Southern Presbyterian Church. As one of its authors, John B. Adger noted, "Running from 1847 to 1885, its thirty-six volumes cover a very interesting term of years. Political, educational, moral, ecclesiastical, theological discussions were rife in those times. The war was coming on, and the ideas that led to it stirred men's minds and hearts."






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Please note: Within the pages of this publication there were, as might be expected, several articles on the matter of slavery. Some of these articles attempted a defense of that grievous practice. The eventual posting of those articles should in no way be taken as agreement with their content. Rather, they will be posted for their historical value, that we might learn from the errors of our forebearers.





































Previously posted articles:
A Brief in the Case of the Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister, by the Rev. Lewis Green Barbour.
A Brief Memoir of the Rev James Edmonds, of Charleston, South Carolina
, by J.R. Witherspoon
A Call to the Ministry
, by the Rev. J.B. Adger
A Denial of Divine Right for Organs in Public Worship
, by Anonymous [John B. Adger] 
A Plea for Doctrine as the Instrument of Santification
, by the Rev. Dr. Benjamin M. Palmer.

A Plea for the Study of Hebrew
, by the Rev. Francis Walton Lewis

A Thoroughly Educated Ministry
, by the Rev. John Bailey Adger [1810 - 1899]
An Apostolic Missionary in China
, by Agnes Maule Machar [1837 - 1927]
An Educated Ministry - The Board of Education
, by the Rev. Samuel D. Campbell

Arminianism Restrictive of Divine Free Agency
, by Samuel J. Cassells

Assurance--Witness of the Spirit--and the Call to the Ministry
, by the Rev. Thomas Smyth.
Biographical Sketches of Major John James, an Undaunted Patriot and Solider of the Revolution, by J.R. Witherspoon.
Calvin Defended Against Drs. Cunningham and Hodge
, by the Rev. John B. Adger, D.D. [1810-1899]

Christianity-A Disciplinary Element in an Education
, by the Rev. James Adair Lyon, [1814-1882]
Concerning the Manner of Preaching,
by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Ruggles Wilson, D.D.

onstitution of the Presbyterian Church, by Samuel John Baird [1817-1893]
Critical Notes on the Institution of the Lord's Supper
, by the Rev. William McKelvey Smythe.
Dr. Curtis on a Standard English Bible

Dr. Thornwell on Ruling Elders, by the Rev. James Henley Thornwell, [1812-1862]
Eloquence, by the Hon. Herschel V. Johnson [Governor of Georgia, 1853-1857]
Ethics of the Fathers, by Alexander Meyrowitz
God's Rest, Our Rest, by the Rev. Andrew Flynn Dickson [1825-1879]
In What Sense Are Preachers to Preach Themselves?, J. Wilson
John Knox, as the English and as the Scottish Reformer, Part I, by the Rev. Stuart Robinson [1814-1881]
John Knox, as the English and as the Scottish Reformer, Part II, by the Rev. Stuart Robinson [1814-1881]
Life, Character and Genius of the Late Rev. James H. Thornwell, D.D., LL.D., by the Rev. Benjamin Morgan Palmer.
Memoir of the Late Rev'd Thomas Reese, D.D., of South Carolina, by Dr. J.R. Witherspoon, M.D.
Ministerial Training, by B.W. Moseley
Modern Homiletics [published anonymously]
Notes on the Miracles of our Lord, by S.J.P. Anderson
On a Call to the Gospel Ministry, by the Rev. A.A. Porter, D.D. and A Few Observations on the Foregoing Article, by J.B. Adger.
On Organs, by the Rev. John Douglas
Paley's Moral Philosophy, by the Rev. Dr. James Henley Thornwell [1812 - 1862]
Pastors and Evangelists VERSUS Stated Supplies, by Anonymous
Powers of the General Assembly, by the Rev. Isaac Jasper Long [1834-1891]
Presbyterian Government Note a Hierarchy, But a Commonwealth, by the Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge, D.D., LL.D.
Presbyterian Ordination Not A Charm But An Act Of Government, by the Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge, D.D., LL.D.
Presbyterianism, by the Rev. David Ethan Frierson
Recently Discovered Memoranda of the Westminster Assembly, by the Rev. Stuart Robinson [1814-1881]
Re-Examination of Dr. Girardeau's Views on the Freedom of the Will, by the Rev. James Addison Waddell.
Success in the Ministry, by Charles A. Stillman, D.D.
Some Thoughts on the Developement of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., by the Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge
Thoughts on Foreign Missions, by the Rev. J.L. Wilson
The Action of the Assembly of 1879 on Worldly Amusements, by the Rev. Thomas E. Peck., D.D.
The Call to the Ministry-Its Nature and Evidence, by the Rev. Thomas Smyth
The Canonicity of Second Peter, by the Rev. Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield [1851-1921]
The Certainty of the World's Conversion, by J.L. Wilson
The Christian Pastor, One of Christ's Ascension Gifts, by the Rev. Dr. Robert J. Breckinridge, D.D.
The Church a Spiritual Power, by "a Georgia Pastor"
The Church's Method of Conducting the Foreign Missionary Work, by J. L. Wilson
The Creation, by the Rev. W.H. Darnall.
The Diaconate, by the Rev. John L. Girardeau [1825 - 1898]
The Importance of the Office of the Deacon, by the Rev. Dr. John L. Girardeau [1825-1898]
The Law of the Sabbath, in its Bearing upon National Prosperity, by the Rev. Edward Martin [1827-1885]
The Life of Archibald Alexander, by the Rev. S.K. Talmadge
The Necessity and Importance of Controversy, by the Rev. Dr. Thomas Smyth.
The Office of Reason in Regard to Revelation, by J.H. Thornwell
The Presbyterian Church and Foreign Missions, by the Rev. John M. Lowrie
The Relation between the Work of Christ and the Condition of the Angelic World, by Rev. Benjamin M. Palmer, D.D.
The Revised Directory for Worship, by George Dodd Armstrong [1813-1899]
The Sacraments of the New Testament, by Benjamin Mosby Smith [1811-1893]
The Scriptural and Divine Right for Using Mechanical as well as Vocal Instruments in the Worship of God
, by the Rev. Thomas Smyth
The Suffering Seaboard of South Carolina, by John Lafeyette Girardeau [1825-1898]
The Unjust Steward, by the Rev. J.A. Stanfield