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The PCA Historical Center: An Overview of Its Work[pdf only; 1.41 mb; brochure format]
A Brief Guide to the Collections of the PCA Historical Center
A Glossary of Archival Terminology
Archiving Documents: An Introduction
Celebrating Your Church's Anniversary
Cultivating the Peace, Purity & Progress of the PCA [Administrative Committee brochure]
Digging Up the Past: Reconstructing the History of Your Church
Oral History Interviews: A Field Volunteer's Guide
Planning a Visit to the PCA Historical Center: Directions & Important Information
Preserving Church Records
Preserving Your Architectural Heritage
Records Management: A Basic Introduction
Researching the Archive: A Guide to Its Resources
Should I Donate My Papers?
The Spiritual Discipline of Keeping a Journal
Why An Oral History?, by Georgia Settle
Why Your History Is Important
Writing Church History: Guidelines for Church Historians
Books and Booklets:
Title Price per copy
Living History of the Presbyterian Church in America, by Jerry Kornegay, (former Director of the PCA Historical Center) $4.00
Aiken Taylor Award Papers:
Title Price per copy
Berry, Stephen R. , (Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS), Sons of God: An Examination of the Doctrine of Adoption in the Thought of John Lafayette Girardeau.
Berry, Stephen R. , (Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS), The Southern Presbyterian Diaconate: A Thornwellian Principle Elaborated by John Lafayette Girardeau.
Horne, Mark, ( Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO), Legal Fiction or Real Union?: John Williamson Nevin's controversy with Charles Hodge over the Imputation of Adam's Sin, $7.50
Lewis, Stephen P., (Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, CA), Evangelize the West Before She Paganizes the East: Issues in Presbyterian Church Planting, 1900 to 1925,