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Studies & Actions of the General Assembly of
The Presbyterian Church in America

A Resolution

[1st General Assembly (1973), 1-58, p. 39.]

Whereas the Sovereign God has been pleased to call sixteen presbyteries, approximatley 250 churches, and approximately 60,000 believers into a new fellowship of Presbyterians; and
Whereas the Lord Jesus Christ, the sole Head of the Church and only Lawgiver in Zion has constituted this fellowship into a Continuing Presbyterian Church known as National Presbyterian Church; and
Whereas in the adopted Constitution these members and judicatories have reaffirmed their faith in the plenary verbal inspiration of Scripture, which Scriptures are inerrant in their original manuscripts; and have further reaffirmed their adherence to the Reformed Faith as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms; and have further declared their acceptance of the presbyterian, representative form of church government; humbly believing that this position is a sacred trust and from God; and
Whereas the National Presbyterian Church does not intend at this time to enter into organic union with any other denomination, but nevertheless earnestly desires to have fellowship and communication with likeminded Christians;
Be It Therefore Resolved:
1. That the Interchurch Relations Committee of the Mission to the US be authorized and hereby directed to place suitable notices in appropriate religious publications throughout the United States extending the right hand of fellowship to all Christians of the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition who believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the Word of God written.
2. That the Interchurch Relations Committee be specifically authorized to correspond with similar committees of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.
3. That any correspondence resulting from these contacts be explored as possibilities for broadening and strengthening the spirit of love and understanding between Christians in the United States who believe the Bible as the Word of God written, the Reformed Faith and the Presbyterian order.