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Kenneth Scofield Keyes, Sr.
Manuscript Collection #013
Box #465

Content Summary: Correspondence; articles; photos

Span dates: 1966-1982 Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Kenneth S. Keyes Manuscript Collection, Box 465, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Concerned Presbyterians.

Finding Aid is normally located in folder 1 of each box.

Kenneth Scofield Keyes, Sr.
[20 September 1896 – 4 October 1995]

Box 465

ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ02—Correspondence, 1973, 1982
ƒ03—Statement of Concern, 1968, [paper]
ƒ04—"Vital Role of the Layman in the Church Today" [typescript, 13 p., revised 15 June 1966]
ƒ05—The Concerned Presbyterian, 1965 – 1970, Issues 1 – 13, 15
ƒ06—The Concerned Presbyterian, 1971 – 1976, Issues, 16 – 18, 20 – 23, 25 – 28
ƒ07—"In Partnership with God," [address delivered at the "President's Breakfast," in the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., early in 1957 and as reproduced on the pages of The Southern Presbyterian Journal, 15.43 (20 February 1957): 7-8, 24.
ƒ08—Keyes, Kenneth S., Sr., In Partnership with God: A Business Man's Testimony Regarding Christian Stewardship. [self-published tract under the same title as the address in file 07, but with different text]
ƒ09—Keyes, Kenneth S., Sr., God's Partner. Self-published autobiography, 1994; introduction by Arthur H. Matthews. Pb, 48 p.
ƒ10—Oral history interview with Kenneth S. Keyes, Sr., 1980, conducted by Mrs. Georgia Settle [transcript, 32 p.]
ƒ11—Financial contributions, 1981-1983, records of transactions and related correspondence
ƒ12—Ninetieth Birthday Party, 1986. Includes "Lessons from the School of Experience: Ken's Closing Remarks at his 90th Birthday Party"
ƒ13—Keyes, Kenneth S., Sr., A Brief History of the developments in the Presbyterian Church in the United States (Southern) which led to the formation of the Presbyterian Church in America. [tract, single tri-fold sheet]
ƒ14—"The Kenneth S. Keyes Heritage Society" - brochure announcing formation of this society for recognition of those who have designated the Ridge Haven Conference Center in their wills or trusts.
ƒ15—Biographical information for Kenneth S. Keyes, Sr., gathered by the archivist.
ƒ16—Biographical information on descendants of Kenneth S. Keyes, Sr., gathered by the archivist
ƒ17—Keyes, Kenneth S., Sr., 1946 and 1954, Articles appearing in The Christian Observer, including (1.) "What Christ Claimed for Himself," CO 134.25 (19 June 1946): 8-9; (2.) "A Business Man Looks at the Merger," CO 134.14 (3 April 1946): 10-12; (3.) "A Layman Looks At the Merger," CO 142.9 (3 March 1954): 8-11, with responses in CO 142.12 (24 March 1954): 10; 142.16 (21 April 1954): 11-13 and 142.18 (5 May 1954): 7-8.
ƒ18—Keyes, Kenneth S., Sr., 1969, "The Mobile General Assembly and the State of the Church" [reel-to-reel tape, dated 14 May 1969]
ƒ19—Keyes, Kenneth S., Sr., undated, "Stewardship" [video-cassettes, labeled Vol. A and Vol. B--presumed to be two copies of the same message, rather than parts 1 and 2 of a single message]

Additional Resources on Kenneth S. Keyes:
Box 243, ƒ13—3rd General Assembly, 1975, photo
Box 242, ƒ04—Continuing Presbyterian Church Advisory Convention, 1973, Photo of Frank Barker, Ken Keyes, G. Aiken Taylor and Jack Williamson
Box 242, ƒ06—Continuing Presbyterian Church, 1973, Convocation of Sessions, Group photo, incl. Ken
Box 242, ƒ24—Journal Day, 1971, photo
Box 353, ƒ19—Keyes, Kenneth S., "A Brief History of the Developments in the PCUS, Leading to the PCA"
Box 151, ƒ14—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1962 – 1983, Correspondence
Box 256, ƒ20—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1967 – 1973, Concerned Presbyterians [Paul Settle Papers]
Box 235, ƒ10—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1968, Correspondence, Articles, News, Personal Data
Box 249, ƒ090—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1969 – 1973, Correspondence, [Concerned Presbyterians]
Box 027, ƒ25—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1974, Correspondence
Box 027, ƒ26—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1976, Correspondence
Box 354, ƒ21—Keyes, Kenneth S., 1986, Requesting the preparation of a short talk on the formation of the PCA
Box 256, ƒ21—Keyes, Kenneth S., Correspondence [Paul Settle Papers]
Box 241, ƒ06—Keyes, Kenneth S., undated, Photograph
Box 383, ƒ03—Keyes, Kenneth, 1967, The State of the Church, [article]
Box 096, ƒ41—Keyes, Kenneth, 1976 – 1977, Correspondence [41 leaves; includes tract, "In Partnership With God: A Businessman's Testimony Regarding Christian Stewardship,"
Box 383, ƒ27—Keyes, Kenneth, Photographs of General Assembly
Box 246, ƒ08—Photo
Box 245, ƒ16—Steering Committee, Continuing Church, undated, photo

A Partnership with God : A business man's views on Christian stewardship. Chicago : Layman Tithing Foundation, [194-?].

In Partnership with God : A business man's views on Christian stewardship. Miami : Keyes Foundation, n.d.

A Layman's Views on the Merger. [Weaverville, N.C.] : Published by the Association for the Preservation and Continuation of the Southern Presbyterian Church, [1954]

A Manual for New Members. by Kenneth S Keyes; C Gregg Singer; George Aiken Taylor; E C Scott; B Hoyt Evans; Presbyterian Church in America. Atlanta, Ga. : Christian Education and Publications, [1989]

Your Tax and Your Tithe. Richmond, VA: Committee on Stewardship and Finance, Presbyterian Church U.S., [19--?]

God's Partner. [Brevard, N.C.] : [Privately printed] ; Atlanta, GA: PCA's Christian Education & Publications [distributor], [1994]. Pb, 48 p.


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