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George Peter Hutchinson
Manuscript Collection #011
Boxes #460–461 and additional, tba

Content Summary: Correspondence, writings, Minutes, and various publications having to do with the Bible Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod.

Span dates: 1933-1983 Size: 20.0 cu. ft. (Twenty boxes)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
George P. Hutchinson Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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The History Behind the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod,
by Dr. George P. Hutchinson (1974):
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Nature of Presbyterianism
Chapter 2: The Reformed Presbyterian Church in America
Chapter 3: The Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod
Chapter 4: The Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
Chapter 5: The Broadening Church in the U.S.A.
Chapter 6: The Presbyterian Separatist Movement
Chapter 7: The Bible Presbyterian Church
Chapter 8: The Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Chapter 9: The Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod
Chapter 10: The Necessity for Consistent Christianity

George P. Hutchinson

Note: Another eighteen boxes in this collection have yet to be fully arranged and described.


460.35—Bible Presbyterian Observer, 1955, December
460.36—Bible Press, The, 1955, September 9
460.05— Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr., 1955, Correspondence
460.41—Christian Beacon, 1955, May 12, Supplement
460.02—Christian Way to Conquer Communism, The, Bibles by Balloons Project of the International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC), [brochure]
460.04—Collingswood Bible Presbyterian Church: Carl McIntire's 50-year Ministry: 1933 – 1983
460.18—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1954 – 1956
460.15—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1958, 1969 and undated
460.16—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, January – July, 1956
460.17—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, October – December, 1956
460.34—Cox, Robert H., Voluntary Associations, Boards, Committees, [paper]
460.06—Cox, Robert, 1955, Correspondence with Session of Collingswood BPC
461.06—Documentation on the Division in the Bible Presbyterian Church, [report]
461.07—Factual Report on the Bible Presbyterian Synod Meeting at St. Louis: April 5 – 11, 1956
460.37—The Free Press, 1955 – 1956, Volume I, Numbers 1 - 4
460.38—The Free Press, 1956, Volume I, Numbers 5 – 8
460.39—The Free Press, 1956, Volume II, Numbers 1 – 2
460.40—The Free Press, 1957, Volume II, Numbers 5 – 6
460.23—General Synod (BPC), 1954
461.04—General Synod, RPCES, 1969 (147th), Agency and Committee Reports, Folder 1
461.05—General Synod, RPCES, 1969 (147th), Agency and Committee Reports, Folder 2
460.07—Harris, R. Laird, 1956, Correspondence, 20th General Synod (BPC), Proposed Docket
460.08—Highland College, 1954 – 1955, Correspondence
460.28—Highland College, 1955, Board of Trustees, Minutes, March – May, 1955
460.26—History Behind the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, Manuscript, Folder 1
460.27—History Behind the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, Manuscript, Folder 2
461.08—Horner, Kenneth A., 1955 - 1956, "An Analysis of the Problems in the Bible Presbyterian Church and Separation Movement," 
460.24—Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, 1933, Charter
460.25—Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, 1946, Manual
460.09—Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, 1955 – 1956, Correspondence
460.30—Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, 1955, Minutes and Summary of Actions of the Board from 1944 – 1954
460.29—Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, 1956, Minutes and Minority Protest
460.10—Laman, Clarence, 1956, Correspondence
461.02—Mandate, 1970 – 1971 [publication]
460.11—McIntire, Carl, 1954 – 1956, Correspondence
460.12—Miller, A.F., 1954, Correspondence
460.13—Miller, James, 1954, Correspondence
460.14—Miller, James, 1954, Correspondence with Carl McIntire
461.03—New Jersey Presbytery, 1956 – 1957, Records
460.32—News Articles, 1953, 1955, 1956
461.11—Questionnaire, 1969, Background of Ministers, Sampling,
461.14—Questionnaire, 1969, Results
461.12—Questionnaire, 1969, RPCES – OPC Merger
461.13—Questionnaire, 1969, RPCES – OPC Merger, Sampling
460.19—R.P. Letter Exchange, 1969 [correspondence]
460.21—Rayburn, Robert G., 1954, Correspondence with A.F. Miller
460.20—Rayburn, Robert G., 1955 – 1956, Correspondence with McGregor Scott, ruling elder in the Collingswood Bible Presbyterian Church
460.33—Rayburn, Robert G., Lyons, and Bunzel, Ideological Division within the Bible Presbyterian Church, no date, [paper]
461.10—RPCES Judicial Commission, 1948, Dillard, E.A., Complaint
461.09—RPCES Judicial Commission, 1949, Bachman, Lester R., Complaint
460.03—RPCES Literature Packet, Brochure
460.22—Schaeffer, Francis A., 1954 – 1955, Correspondence with Carl McIntire
461.15—World Presbyterian Missions, 1957 – 1958