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Franklin S. Dyrness
Manuscript Collection #007
Boxes #304–308

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Span dates: 1943-1983 Size: 4.25 cu. ft. (five boxes)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Franklin S. Dyrness Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Franklin S. Dyrness [1905 - 1990]
Moderator of the 145th General Synod, (RPC,ES), 1967
Boxes 304 and 305
305.02—Correspondence, 1943 – 1949
305.33—Covenant College, 1967 – 1969
305.32—Covenant College, 1970 – 1971
305.31—Covenant College, 1972
305.30—Covenant College, 1973 – 1974
305.29—Covenant College, 1975 – 1977
305.34—Covenant College, Bond Issue
305.35—Covenant College, By-Laws, Statement of Purpose
305.36—Covenant College, Job Descriptions
305.37—Covenant College, Miscellaneous
305.38—Covenant College, Plans and Drawings
305.16—General Synod (RPCES), 1970, Reports to Synod, Folder 1
305.17—General Synod (RPCES), 1970, Reports to Synod, Folder 2
305.15—General Synod (RPCES), 1972, Reports to Synod
305.13—General Synod (RPCES), 1974, Reports to Synod, Folder 1
305.14—General Synod (RPCES), 1974, Reports to Synod, Folder 2
305.12—General Synod (RPCES), 1977, Reports to Synod
305.45—Grace Church, Camp Hill, PA
305.46—Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee
305.43—Lamb Fund, RPCES, 1961 - 1969
305.42—Lamb Fund, RPCES, 1970 – 1974
younger dyrness
Franklin S. Dyrness, as he appeared
in 1945, during the time he was pastor
of the Faith Presbyterian Church in
Quarryville [1945-1963].

305.41—Lamb Fund, RPCES, 1975 – 1978, and Undated materials
305.40—Lamb Fund, RPCES, 1979 – 1980
305.39—Lamb Fund, RPCES, 1981 – 1983
305.10—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1965 – 1969
305.09—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1970 – 1972
305.08—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1973 – 1974
305.07—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1975 – 1977
305.06—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1978 – 1979
305.05—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1980
305.04—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1981
305.03—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, 1982 – 1983
305.11—Ministerial Welfare and Benefits Committee, Undated materials
304.02—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Blue Prints
304.03—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Blue Prints, Floor Plans
304.04—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Blue Prints, Specifications
304.07—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Board Minutes and Corporate Minutes
304.05—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Brochure
304.06—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, By-Laws
304.11—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Evangelical Alliance Mission, Mortgage,
304.08—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Fritz, Chester, $100,000 Gift
304.09—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, McKissick, Dr. William, Painting of
304.10—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Miscellaneous
304.12—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Pension Plan
304.13—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Policies, Manuals
304.14—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Resident Agreement
304.15—Quarryville Presbyterian Home, Steffe Trust
305.44—Reformed Presbyterian Foundation
304.16—Reformed Presbyterian Home, Pittsburgh, PA
305.26—World Presbyterian Missions, 1965 – 1970
305.25—World Presbyterian Missions, 1971
305.24—World Presbyterian Missions, 1972
305.23—World Presbyterian Missions, 1973, January – May
305.22—World Presbyterian Missions, 1973, June – December
305.21—World Presbyterian Missions, 1974
305.27—World Presbyterian Missions, 1975 – 1976, Korean Mission
305.20—World Presbyterian Missions, 1975, January – June
305.19—World Presbyterian Missions, 1975, July – December
305.18—World Presbyterian Missions, 1976 – 1978
305.28—World Presbyterian Missions, Undated materials

Box 306 - RPCES Board of Trustees

Box 307 - RPCES Pension Fund

Box 308 - Minutes of the Pension Fund Committees of the Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC), Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod (RPCGS), and the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES)

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