Local Church Histories and
Related Materials Received in 2016

May our Lord richly bless our hard-working church historians!
Listed below are the congregational histories, WIC histories and other materials received thus far this year, with our sincere thanks.

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Congregational Histories Received in 2016:

Church Name & Location - Year(s) Covered - Historian Received
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Clover, SC [org, 1764] 2015 History, Submitted by: Helen K. Grant 02/26/16
Chapel in the Gardens, Garden City, GA [org., 1935] 2015 History, Submitted by: Harriet Hartley 03/16/16
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, GA [org. 1977] 2015 History, submitted by Mary Carol Hitchell 04/15/16
Fairview Presbyterian Church, Fountain Inn, SC [org. 1786] 2015 History, submitted by Shirley Woodside 11/27/16
First Presbyterian Church, Charleston, MS [org. 1852] 2015 History submitted by: Meg Miller 04/11/16
First Presbyterian Church, Picyune, MS [org. 1928] 2015 History submitted by Elsa Mathis 05/06/16
First Presbyterian Church, Water Valley, MS [org. 1843] 2015 History, Submitted by: Elizabeth Caulfield 03/08/16
First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, MS [org. 1841] 2015 History, Submitted by: Wendy Nott 01/25/16
Germantown Presbyterian Church, Chancellor, SD [org. 1886] 2015 History, Submitted by: Delores Otten 02/29/16
Grace Presbyterian Church, Blairsville, Georgia [org. 1995] — 2015 history, by A. Buttrill & C. Deane 01/22/16
Hazlewood Presbyterian Church, Waynesville, N.C. [org. 1905] 2015 history, Submitted by: Sandra Kirkpatrick 02/16/16
Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church [org. 1914] 2015 History, Submitted by: Nancy Cardamone 03/07/16
Lakemont Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA [org. 1950] Church Histories for: 1986 - 2015 submitted by: Jan Vincent 05/25/16
New Augusta Presbyterian Church, New Augusta, MS [org. 1909] 2015 History submitted by: Mary M. Pearce 04/11/16
New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Abington, MD [org. 1981] 2015 History submitted by: Lori Wilson 04/15/16
New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Manning, SC [org. 1975] 2015 History submitted by: Susan B. Dominick 05/16/16
Providence Presbyterian Church, Clinton, MS [org. 1947] 2015 History submitteb by: Lola Bennet 12/12/16
Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Newberry, SC [org. 1838] 2015 History submitted by: Kitty Mayer 06/27/16
Story Memorial Presbyterian Church, Marion, NC [org. 1934] 2015 History, Submitted by: Dora Sparksl 03/07/16
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Chester, SC [org. 1956] 2015 history, Submitted by: Betty R. Fleming 02/26/16
Wayside Presbyterian Church, Chocowinity, NC [org. 1945] 2015 History submitted by: Reba Smith 02/26/16