Local Church Histories and
Related Materials Received in 2015

May our Lord richly bless our hard-working church historians!
Listed below are the congregational histories, WIC histories and other materials received thus far this year, with our sincere thanks.

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Congregational Histories Received in 2015:

Church Name & Location - Year(s) Covered - Historian Received
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Clover, SC [org. 1764]—2014 church, prepared by Helen Grant 02/25/15
Chapel In The Gardens Presbyterian Church, Garden City, GA [org, 1935] 2014 History, WICX history, bulletins & newsletters Submitted by Thomas Hartley 03/01/15
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, GA [org. 1977] 2014 History, submitted by Mary Carol Hitchell 04/15/16
Fairview Presbyterian Church, Fountain Inn, SC [org. 1786] 2014 History, WIC History 08/24/15
Faunsdale Presbyterian Church, Faunsdale, AL [org. 1887] History & WIC History 04/25/16
First Pres. Church, Aliceville, AL [org. 1837] 2014 History & WIC History, sub. by Virginia Jay Hudgins 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Boligee, AL [org. 1900] 2014 History & WIC History, sub. by Kathy Hunt 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Brent, AL [org. 1907] 2014 History & WIC History, submitted by Sandra Coburn 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Camden, AL [org. 1845] 2014 WIC History, sub. by Becky Axon & Pam Owens 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Centreville, AL [org. 1824] 2014 History submitted by Karen Williams 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Charleston, MS [org. 1858]—2014 history, prepared by Meg Miller 04/17/15
First Presbyterian Church, Demopolis, AL [org. 1839]—2014 history and church history, 1839-2014 02/02/15
First Presbyterian Church, Dillon, SC [org. 1899] 2015 WIC History submitted by: Joanne Adams 12/16/15
First Presbyterian Church, Eutaw, AL [org. 1824] 2014 History & WIC History, submitted by Vickie Colson 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Picayune, MS [org. 1928]—2014 history, prepared by Elsa Ruth Mathis 04/21/15
First Presbyterian Church, Uniontown, AL [org. 1848] 2014 WIC History 04/25/16
First Presbyterian Church, Water Valley, MS [org. 1843]—2014 history, prepared by Louise Herron 04/10/15
First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, MS [org. 1841]—2014 history, prepared by Wendy Nott 02/06/15
Germantown Presbyterian Church, Chancellor, SD [org. 1886]—2014 history, prepared by Delores Otten 03/26/15
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri, [org. 1990] 2014 Newsletters & Bulletins 01/26/15
Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church, Valencia, PA [org. 1975] WIC History, submitted by: Esther Marshall 03/01/15
Hazelwood Presbyterian Church, Waynesville, NC [org. 1905]2014 Hisoty, Newsletters & Bulletins submitted by: Sandra Kirkpatrick 03/05/15
Hickory Withe Presby. Ch., Hickory Withe, TN [org. 1914]—2014 history, prepared by Nancy Cardamone 04/09/15
Lakemont Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA [org, 1950] 2015 Newsletters, Jan. - Aug. 08/11/15
Lansdale Presbyterian Church, Lansdale, PA [org. 1956] 2014 Bulletins (March – December) 06/08/15
Marion Presby. Church, Marion, AL [org. 1832]—2014 history, by Anne Boatner & Mary Katherine Avery 03/11/15
Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, GA [org. 1850] 9/2014 - 8/2015 History submitted byJaye Goddard 11/17/15
Mount Calvary Presbyterian Church, Roebuck, SC [org. 1846]—2014 history, prepared by Bonnie Williams 12/15/14
New Augusta Presbyterian Church, New Augusta, MS [org. 1909]—2014 history, prepared by Mary Pearce 04/10/15
New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Abingdon, MD [org. 1981] 2014 History, submitted by: Lori Wilson 06/26/15
New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Manning, SC [org. 1975]—2014 history, prepared by Susan Dominick 02/17/15
New Life Reformed Presbyterian Church, Munford, TN [org. 1977] 2015 History submitted by: Carol B. Fletcher 11/16/15
Old Orchard Church PCA, Webster Groves, MO [org. 1981] Church history items from 1999-2015, submitted by Heather Sparkman 07/28/15
Old Orchard Church PCA, Webster Groves, MO [org. 1981] History of Church, submitted by Heather Sparkman 07/06/15
Olivet Presbyterian Church, McConnells, SC [org. 1842]—2013 history, prepared by Susan Harshaw 03/17/15
Olivet Presbyterian Church, McConnells, SC [org. 1842]—2014 history, prepared by Susan Harshaw 03/26/15
Providence Presbyterian Church, Clinton, MS [org. 1947] 2014 History submitted by: Lola Bennet 12/22/15
Salem Presbyterian Church, Blair, SC [org. 1812] History & WIC History submitted by Faye R. Millis 08/10/15
Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Newberry, SC [org. 1838]—2014 history, prepared by Kitty Mayer 04/22/15
Story Memorial Presbyterian Church, Marion, NC, 28152, 2014 history, prepared by Dora Sparks 02/24/15
Surfside Presbyterian Church, Surfside, SC [org. 1982]—2014 history, prepared by Judy Brevik 02/10/15
Trinity Presbyterian Church in America, Chester, SC [org. 1956]—2014 history, prepared by Betty Fleming 03/17/15
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Opelika, AL [org. 1973] Church building project brochure & pledge card 06/08/15
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, AL [org. 1992] 2014 History submitted by Sherry Snyder 04/25/16
Warrior Presbytery, 2014 PresWIC History, submitted by Penny Bonds 04/25/16
Wayside Presbyterian Church, Chocowinity, NC [org. 1945]—2014 history, prepared by Reba Smith 04/14/15