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•Dec. 26, 1923. No general appeal for signatures to this Affirmation has been made. It was at first intended to publish it with one hundred signatures, and this was announced on Nov. 20, 1923. In response to a limited amount of personal approach, more than this number of names were offered. The committee in charge then decided that only one hundred and fifty names should be attached. More than this number have been offered, and a certain selection
has been made from these for this publication, in order to show that the Affirmation expresses the opinions of ministers from all parts of the church. It is intended to publish in the near future other signatures that have come in or may come in. Correspondence regarding the Affirmation may be addressed to the Conference Committee, 10 Nelson St., Auburn, N. Y.

[Note : State abbreviations have been modernized in the list that follows.]

Charles Carroll Albertson,
Lafayette Avenue Church, Brooklyn, NY
L. C. Kirkes,
Hillsboro Church, Nashville, TN
Albert J. Alexander,
First Church, Beaver, PA
Ira Landrith - Moderator of the General Assembly of 1906 (Cumberland Branch), Winona Lake, IN
H. B. Allen,
Presbyterian Church, Marengo, IA
John J. Lawrence,
First Church, Binghamton, NY
Robert W. Anthony,
First Church, Schenectady, NY
William Philip Lemon,
Andrew Church, Minneapolis, MN
Charles A. Austin,
College Hill Church, Cincinnati, OH
Davis W. Lusk,
Superintendent, Presbytery of Newark, Newark, NJ
George Emerson Barnes,
Overbrook Church, Philadelphia, PA
Robert J. MacAlpine,
Central Church, Buffalo, NY
Ira W. Barnett,
Calvary Church, Riverside, CA
J. A. MacCallum,
Walnut Street Church, Philadelphia, PA

James W. Bean,
Dayton Avenue Church, Saint Paul, MA

George L. MacClelland,
First Church, Jamestown, NY
R. B. Beattie,
First (Munn Avenue) Church, East Orange, NJ
Alexander MacColl,
Second Church, Philadelphia, PA
William Russell Bennett,
First Church, Morristown, NJ
Joseph B. C. Mackie,
Northminster Church, Philadelphia, PA
Barton B. Bigler,
Memorial Church, St. Augustine, FL
Malcolm L. MacPhail,
First Church, Auburn, NY
Philip Smead Bird,
First Church, Utica, NY
John A. MacSporran,
Hillside Church, Orange, NJ

William H. Black, President of
Missouri Valley College, Marshall, MO

Benjamin T. Marshall - President of
Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut
John Allan Blair,
Tabernacle Church, Philadelphia, PA
Edwin A. McAlpin Jr.,
Presbyterian Church, Madison, NJ
H. Alford Boggs,
Princeton Church, Philadelphia, PA
Daniel Spencer McCorkle,
Sheldon Jackson Memorial Church, Clark, Wyoming
J. Gray Bolton,
Hope Church, Philadelphia, PA
Alexander McGaffin,
Church of the Covenant, Cleveland, OH
L. Myron Boozer,
Collegiate Church, Ames, IA
Robert Gardner McGregor,
North Avenue Church, New Rochelle, NY
Harold Leonard Bowman,
First Church, Portland, OR
John McNab,
Third Church, Trenton, NJ
George A. Buttrick,
First Church, Buffalo, NY
Andrew B. Meldrum,
First (Old Stone) Church, Cleveland, OH
Charles L. Candee,
Westminster Church, Wilmington, DE
William P. Merrill,
Brick Church, New York City
John Lyon Caughey,
First Church, Glens Falls, NY
George D. Miller,
First Church, Warsaw, NY
James E. Clarke, Editor
Presbyterian Advance, Nashville, TN
Jean S. Milner,
Second Church, Indianapolis, IN
L. Mason Clarke,
First Church, Brooklyn, NY
John J. Moment,
Crescent Avenue Church, Plainfleld, NJ
James J. Coale, Executive Secretary,
Presbytery of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Andrew. Mutch,
Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA
Henry S. Coffin,
Madison Avenue Church, New York City
Robert Hastings Nichols, Professor in
Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, NY
J. P. Cotton,
Inglenook Church, Birmingham, AL
Owen D. Odell,
First Church, Sewickley, PA
Ralph Marshall Davis,
Hyde Park Church, Chicago, IL
Silas E. Persons,
First Church, Annapolis, MD
Walter S. Davison,
Arlington Avenue Church, East Orange, NJ
R. L. Phelps,
Synodical Superintendent, West Point, MS
William J. Dawson,
First Church, Newark, NJ
Darwin F. Pickard,
First Church, Watertown, NY
Dayton A. Dobbs,
Russell Street Church, Nashville, TN
George D. Prentice,
Presbyterian Church, Berwyn, IL
William J. DuBourdieu,
Jefferson Park Church, Chicago, IL
Harry Lathrop Reed, Professor in
Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, NY
Carl H. Dudley,
Presbyterian Church, Silver Creek, NY
Robert R. Reed,
First Church, Iowa City, IA
J. N. Ervin,
First Church, Dayton, KY
Charles Lee Reynolds,
Park Church, Newark, NJ
William R. Farmer, Professor in
Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA.
Arthur L. Rice,
Presbyterian Church, Klamath Falls, OR
Lawrence Fenninger,
Chaplain of Hampton Institute, Hampton, VA
Charles Gorman Richards,
Rogers Park Church, Chicago, IL
Walter Rockwood Ferris,
Park Central Church, Syracuse, NY
Henry A. Riddle Jr.,
Westminster Church, Greensburg, PA
William H. Fishburn,
West Adams Church, Los Angeles, CA
James S. Riggs,
Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, NY
J. F. Fitchen Jr.,
Fourth Church, Albany, NY
Edwin F. Rippey,
First Church, Sioux City, IA
Frank Fitt,
Highland Park Church, Highland Park, IL
J. C. Russell,
Presbyterian Church, Oneonta, NY
R. W. Frank - Assistant Professor in
McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL
J. Elmer Russell,
North Church, Binghamton, NY
George Arthur Frantz,
Presbyterian Church, Van Wert, OH
Alfred J. Sadler,
First Church, Jersey City, NJ
Robert Freeman,
Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA
Theodore F. Savage - Secretary, Church Extension Committee, Presbytery of New York, New York City
Calvin H. French,
Madison Avenue Church, Albany, NY
William L. Sawtelle,
First Church, Scranton, PA
George S. Fulcher,
First Church, Okmulgee, OK
William F. Scoular,
Glen Avon Church, Duluth, MN
Albert C. Fulton,
First Church, Syracuse, NY
O. R. Sellers, Professor in
McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL
M. L. Gillespie,
Central Church, Fayetteville, AR
Charles G. Sewall,
Presbyterian Church, Rye, NY
G. M. Gordon,
Brick Church, East Orange, NJ
Louis W. Sherwin,
Second Church, Oil City, PA
W. K. Guthrie,
First Church, San Francisco, CA
Herbert Booth Smith,
Immanuel Church, Los Angeles, CA
Matthias L. Haines,
Pastor Emeritus, First Church, Indianapolis, IN
Matthew F. Smith,
First Church, Indianapolis, IN
Jesse Halsey,
Seventh Church, Cincinnati, OH
A. G. Sinclair,
First Church, Bloomfield, NJ
Martin D. Hardin,
Presbyterian Church, Ithaca, NY
Clarence A. Spaulding,
Presbyterian Church, Santa Barbara, CA
Reuben Haines Hartley,
Presbyterian Church, La Jolla, CA
Willard P. Soper,
First Church, Stamford, CT
T. M. Hartman,
First Church, Paul's Valley, OK
George B. Stewart, President of
Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, NY
Joel B. Hayden,
Fairmount Church, Cleveland, OH
Warren S. Stone,
First Church, Rochester, NY
John Grier Hibben, President of
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Paul Moore Strayer,
Third Church, Rochester, NY
Paul R. Hickok,
Second Church, Troy, NY
Paul F. Sutphen,
Church of the Covenant, Cleveland, OH
A. P. Higley,
Calvary Church, Cleveland, OH
Alfred W. Swan,
Forest Lawn Church, Marion, OH
Edward Yates Hill,
First Church, Philadelphia, PA
William R. Taylor,
Pastor Emeritus, Brick Church, Rochester, NY
George Clifton Hitchcock,
Presbyterian Church, Bowling Green, MO
H. Sears Thomson,
Presbyterian Church, Fairfield, IA
Charles T. Hock, Professor in
Bloomfield Theological Seminary, Bloomfield, NJ
Rasmus Thomsen,
Central Church, Amarillo, TX

B. H. Hodges,
Grace Church, Temple, TX

Henry vanDyke, Moderator of the General Assembly
of 1902, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Walter J. Hogue,
First Church, York, PA
Tertius van Dyke,
Park Avenue Church, New York City
Samuel V. V. Holmes,
Westminster Church, Buffalo, NY
Joseph H. Varner,
First Church, Bear Creek, MT
William F. Hoot - Presbyterian Church, Peotone, IL Charles Wadsworth Jr.
Philadelphia, PA
William Herman Hopkins,
First Church, Albany, NY
Harold C. Warren,
Trumbull Avenue Church, Detroit, MI
James M. Howard,
South Street Church, Morristown , NJ
Henry J. Weber, Dean of
Bloomfield Theological Seminary, Bloomfield, NJ
Murray Shipley Howland - Lafayette Avenue Church, Buffalo, NY Frank M. Weston,
Brighton Church, Rochester, NY
Arthur S. Hoyt, Professor in
Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, NY
Clyde Randolph Wheeland,
Irving Park Church, Chicago, IL
George E. Hunt,
Christ Church, Madison, WI
Edward A. Wicher, Professor in
San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA
Graham C. Hunter,
Church of the Covenant, New York City
Thomas A. Wigginton,
Washington Avenue Church, Evansville, IN
Joseph Hunter,
Fifth Avenue Church, Newark, NJ
W. Owen Williams,
First Welsh Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Stanley Hunter,
St. John's Church, Berkeley, CA
Gilbert L. Wilson,
MacAlester College, Saint Paul, MN
Charles K. Imbrie,
Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, NY
Charles Wood,
Church of the Covenant, Washington, D. C.
Edwin H. Jenks,
First Church, Omaha, NE
Edmund M. Wylie,
Central Church, Montclair, NJ
Wendell Prime Keeler,
First Church, Yonkers, NY