In an effort to offer a fuller presentation on both the people of the PCA and the history of American Presbyterianism, we will from time to time add to this section biographical information on various individuals not otherwise represented in our collections. For some of these, their papers may be located in other archives or manuscript repositories, and we will note that information when it is known. For others, their papers may have been lost due to neglect or they may yet be waiting for someone to donate them.
If you know of materials which should be preserved by the PCA Historical Center, please contact the Director at your earliest convenience.

Miscellaneous Biographical Sketches:
[all eras]
Southern Presbyterian Review Project -
Biographical Sketches of its various Authors
Black, John W. [1768 - 1849] - first Stated Clerk of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod Adger, John Bailey [1810-1899]
Chesnut, Ralph Waldo [1858-1953] Barbour, Lewis Green [1829 - 1907]
Clowney, Edmund P. [1917 - 2005] – [in preparation] Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson [1800-1871]
Dunkerley, Donald Austin [1936 - 1999] Dabney, Rev. Robert Lewis, D.D. [1820-1898] – [in preparation]
Gray, Richard W. [1911 - 1979] Girardeau, John Lafayette [1825-1898]
Jones, Mary Graham [1905 - circa 1972] Long, Isaac Jasper [1834 - 1891]
Mahlow, William A., Sr. [born, 17 April 1919] Palmer, Benjamin Morgan [1818 - 1902]
Sanderson, John W. [1916-1998] Smyth, Thomas [1808 - 1873]
Shepperson, Flournoy [1883-1966] Stillman, Charles Allen [1819-1895]
Thurman, Edward Kyle [1920 - 1988] Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge [1851 - 1921]