PCA Historical Center

Archives & Manuscript Repository for the Continuing Presbyterian Church

World Presbyterian Missions [RPCES]

Record Group # 57

Box# es 107 and 411 through 421

Content Summary: Records of the foreign missions arm of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, including missionary correspondence and prayer letters

Span Dates: 1950 - 1982

Size: 12 cu. ft.

Access Restrictions: None

Collection Citation: World Presbyterian Missions (RPCES), Box __, Folder __: item description, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, MO.


Finding Aid is normally located in folder number 1 of each box.

Box 107: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Cameron - Williamson and WPM Newsletter, 1967 - 1982

Box 411: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Armes - Chisholm; Field Reports, A - C; Board of Directors, 1957 - 1967

Box 412: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Chisholm - Donaldson, 1957 - 1983

Box 413: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Dortzbach - Hicks; agency correspondence, 1958 - 1966; S.L. Hosmon letter (IBPFM), 1943.

Box 414: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Hunt - Kimball; Field Reports, Japan - Korea; 1957 - 1980

Box 415: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Krauss - Phillips, 1956 - 1983; Field reports for Peru, 1957 - 1975.

Box 416: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Powlison - Swayne, 1957 - 1984.

Box 417: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Talley - Young; Field reports, Australia - Korea and Northern Chile.

Box 418: Missionary Correspondence and prayer letters, Campbell - Foxwell; Field reports, Arabia - Peru; Missions manual, WPM Minutes and Reports (1965 - 1966).

Box 419: Publications: Contacts, 1962 - 1980; Foreign Missions Digest, 1968 - 1976; WPM Newsletter, 1974 - 1983; Field reports for Kenya, Korea and Peru, 1958 - 1983.

Box 420: Financial reports and audits, 1969 - 1982; WPM Newsletter, 1957 - 1973; The Motive and Aim of Missions, by John M.L. Young [manuscript].

Box 421: Financial reports and audits, 1959 - 1968; Field reports for India, Kenya and Peru; Omerly prayer letters, 1958 - 1975; WPM Auxiliary Retreat, 1975 - 1982; Karl Barth's Doctrine of the Trinity, by John M.L. Young.


The above logo was presented for consideration in June of 1964. The seal was designed by Mrs. William Lothers, and bore some relationship to the seals of Covenant College and the Evangelical Presbyterian Foundation. The symbolism of an open Bible signifies the offer of God's truth to the entire world; in the background a small sword, called a crosslet, stands for the defense of the faith, once for all delivered to the saints, and the three crosses on the handle of the sword are the offer of life and death, symbolic of Christ's death on the cross, of the one thief who rejected Him and of the other who cried out to Him and to whom He made the promise, 'Today thou shalt be with me in paradise.'
A simplified version of the logo, using only the crosslet itself, began to be used with the issue of the December 1967 WPM Newsletter.