Bibliography for Dr. Abraham Lance Lathem [1866-1955]

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Biographical sketch—
Born to Robert and Eliza Lance Lathem in Hanover Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania [30 miles west of Pittsburgh] on 26 May 1866.

Attended Washington & Jefferson College, graduating with the B.A. degree in 1890. This same school later awarded him the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1915. His preparation for the ministry began at Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny, PA, attending there in 1891, but he subsequently transferred to the Princeton Theological Seminary, achieving his licensure for preaching in 1892, a year prior to his graduation from the Seminary in 1893.
Upon graduation, Rev. Lathem was ordained to the ministry by the Presbytery of Huntington and installed as Stated Supply of the Martinsburg and Duncansville churches, where he served from 1893-1895. He next accepted a call to serve as the pastor of the North Tenth Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, in 1895 and he remained at that post until 1904. Rev. Lathem then answered a call to serve the Third Presbyterian Church of Chester, PA, and he was in that pulpit from 1904-1939.
His final pastorate was with the Bible Presbyterian Church of Chester, PA (Unaffiliated), from 1939 until his death in 1955. Dr. Lathem also served as a professor at the Faith Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, beginning in 1937. He was called home to glory on 21 February 1955, and his body is buried in the Chester Rural Cemetery. His wife, Elizabeth McKeag Lathem [1869-1934] and all but one of his children, are buried there beside him.

[sources: Robinson’s Ministerial Directory (1898) and notes among the Papers of Abraham Lance Lathem]

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Online at

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