Children for Christ, Inc.

Photograph of 1944 summer class
[Rev. Francis A. Schaeffer pictured standing at the end of the front row, in a white suit.
Edith Schaeffer is pictured in the row of women, the line of which begins on the left immediately in front of the sign.
Counting in from the left side, she is the eleventh woman, standing right behind two blond haired children, a boy and a girl.]

Of the last row of boys, standing directly in front of the doors, the boy in the striped shirt is Ted Barker.
To his left is Ben Edwards. To his right is Karl Woodson and in front of Karl is Hurvey Woodson.

The second woman in the front row is Mrs. Barker, mother of Will Barker, and the older woman a bit further over, with the child leaning
against her, is Mrs. Iaggi.