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Actions of the 43rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America - Dr. L. Roy Taylor's Report

06/17/15 - updated files for Race Relations in the Topical Resources section of this web site:
1800 - Alexander McLeod's stand against slavery 
1802 - Negro Slavery Unjustifiable, by Alexander McLeod [pdf document] 
1857 Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (New School) Decision against slavery [jpg images] 
1954 PCUS Report on Segregation
1964 Statement on Biblical Principles of Racial Discrimination from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church [1961-1965]
1971-72 Correspondence of Rev. Donald Dunkerley and Rev. William E. Hill 
 Item 47 of the Minutes of the Advisory Convention of the Continuing Presbyterian Church (p. 27)
1977 NAPARC Statement on Race Relations 
2002 PCA Declaration on Racial Reconciliation 
2004 MNA Pastoral Letter on Racism [adopted by the 32d General Assembly]
2015 Personal Resolution brought by TEs Duncan and Lucas
2015 Transcript of TE Jim Baird's speech before the Assembly
2015 Text of the Protest filed by TE Jon Price and signed by some 300 commissioners 

Author-Title Index for the Union Seminary Journals, 1889-1922,
as prepared by Barry Waugh.

We are pleased to announce that the Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, 1973 to 2014, are now available on this web site. The URL address for the Index Page for GA Minutes is www.pcahistory.org/ga
Recent postings from the 42nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America:

Complete Works
of the Rev. Thomas Smyth

New: A Guide to the Complete Works of Rev. Thomas Smyth, D.D., by Dr. Barry Waugh. [PDF, 42 pp.]
Here are links to each of the volumes in the ten volume set of Smyth's Works:
Volume 1 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr01smyt
Volume 2 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr02smyt
Volume 3 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr03smyt
Volume 4 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr04smyt
Volume 5 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr05smyt
Volume 6 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr06smyt
Volume 7 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr07smyt
Volume 8 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr08smyt
Volume 9 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr09smyt
Volume 10 - http://archive.org/details/completeworksofr10smyt
Posted: Finding Aid for the Kenneth A. Horner, Jr. Manuscript Collection.
Original sources on the formation of the PCA :
Four main organizations were formative of the Presbyterian Church in America :
1. Concerned Presbyterians, a layman's group led by ruling elders;
2. Presbyterian Churchmen United, an organization for pastors;
3. The Presbyterian Journal, a magazine begun in 1942; and
4. The Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, a ministry focused on revival.
Publications issued by the first two of these groups are now online.
[click on the cover image for access to issues]
The Concerned Presbyterian
No. 1 (March 1965)-No. 37 (1976)
(Presbyterian Churchmen United)
The Hodge-Thornwell Debates and their background :

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